No Worse for the Wear…


Battered and bruised but still here…

Coming back to this blog after a two year trek thru the ego mind, I feel a lot like this guy… battered and bruised, but somehow still flying…   Truth be told, in my furry of fear, I’d all but forgotten about maintaining a spiritual blog.  With biking, moving, and randomly running in a million different directions, I hadn’t had much time for, or interest in, sharing my spiritual life, (though it’s been far from dormant!)

But alas, as luck would have it, I stopped running and the urge to blog returned.  With renewed enthusiasm,  I logged into the Go Daddy website to re-secure the Mere Awareness domain.  The registration was unavailable:  I was crushed. Angry at myself for losing what I considered the perfect name for my blog,  I played around with other ideas.  Taken – taken – taken … UGH!  Finally, in frustration, I abandon ship and googled my beloved:  Determined to find out who had captured my prize.  Low and behold it was me!  Thank God for auto renew and a complete lack of book keeping during a tumultuous time.

So here we are Dear Reader, (my one and only reader who I love and value so),  attempting to rekindle the romance.   But like high school lovers meeting again in retirement, so much has changed, I am unsure of how, or where to begin.

My initial blog was a space to share spiritual, (psychic and mystical) experiences  – to work thru them, each as a separate petal of a flower, while seeking to find the connection between them all.  Yet as I sit here today, I’ve found that connection… fallen into non-duality… and lost the flower itself.

So how do I backtrack from here? Should I continue to describe the petals? Strange events and mystical experiences which have occurred throughout my life?  Do I list the teachers I’ve followed?  The books I’ve read?  Classes I’ve taken? What’s worked?  What hasn’t?

Dear Reader, (my one and only reader who I love and value so), if only I could ask what you wanted… If only I knew you were out there…  Ha!  Though truth be told, if I knew you were out there, I’d probably get back on my bike! 🙂

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