Oh hi!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 6.43.16 PM

Oh, hi!

You still here?  Wow!  Okay… umm… great!

So I guess this is were I write something, huh?  Something profound.. deeply moving – spiritual and all that.

Umm… Okay… so… well… yeah.

 Any idea what that might be?

I guess birthing a blog is a little like birthing a baby.  I mean no new parent really knows what they’re getting into… You start out thinking how great it would be: What a great blog mom you’d be.   My blog will never bitch, whine or complain.  My blog will grow up to bring me fame and fortune, or better yet, friends, support and enlightenment.

It feels strange to be standing here, in the doorway of the delivery room.

My blog is about to be born.

 Over the next few days, it will be handed to me, (thank you Google Blogger!)  to raise, nurture, educate and develop.  There will be challenges, unexpected directions, computer crashes and life events.

Will I be honest?    How much will I truly reveal?

Oh God, what if one of my children Googles astral travel and finds me here?

I mean, they know I’m different, but so far, I’ve kept it private. What if I embarrass them?  What if…

Jess, Stop!

Take a breath.

Enjoy the moment:

A blog…

Your blog is about to be born.

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