Bold and Brave!


Oh sure… I see you looking at me funny.

Trust me – I know channeling a photographer is weird! Hell channeling anything is pretty damn crazy.  But what can I say?  I didn’t choose Bertha – Bertha chose me.

Have you heard of people who come out of a coma or recover from a stroke only to find themselves suddenly speaking French, able to sculpt or paint, having never done it before?  Well, my becoming a photographer was a little like that, minus the stroke and comma, of course.

And unlike those scenarios, I was well aware that these skill weren’t mine.  It wasn’t me calling the shots.  For Bertha’s energy to appear,  I had to sink into meditation and wander around alone.  I also had no control over what photos I took on any particular day.  Of course, I was physically able to press the shutter whenever I felt like it.  But if my ego insisted on finding eagles, for example, I was guaranteed to shoot complete crap.   Ms. Bertha had a mind of her own.  Once in an animal safari park, for example. Bertha became obsessed with the butterflies.  Never mind the $35 admission fee and the magnificent wild animals wandering by us.  Apparently, we were there for the butterflies.

So yes… I know this is strange. But… well…

Welcome to my blog!

The truth is A LOT of strange has happened to me and until now, I’ve never told anyone.

 I’m pretending to be a pretty normal person.

I have a PhD – run a business and raised three kids on my own.

But there’s also a growing part of me that wants to stop hiding.  (Of course there is an even bigger part of me that hopes no one who finds this blog will actually know who I am!) But I’m also wondering if there are others who might benefit from my experiences.

So… well.. here goes…

Bold and Brave as I tell my kids.

 Bold and Brave.

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